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  • Sign on door of Five Guys
  • Front counter inside Righteous Slice

Pictured above are only a few of the amazing businesses just next door!

Nearby The Cedars

Enjoy maximum comfort by choosing a hassle-free residence right in the heart of Rexburg. With the restaurants and shops of Hemming Village, you’ll live in style locally. Stop by or call to tour and learn more about the newest housing that awaits our residents.


Why live at Cedars Heights?

As part of the Hemming Housing family, Cedars Heights is a place to live in style. Our managers are chosen because they show a special love and appreciation for all of our residents. We are committed to meeting our residents’ needs. Come meet new people and get to know our awesome management at Cedars Heights!

  • Hemming Village Discounts & Deals

  • Located across from the BYU-I stadium

  • Fun Activities & Events

  • Covered Parking

  • Multiple Large Lounge Areas

  • Become part of the Hemming community

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